Best Pasta/Pizza Sauce

                             Pasta/Pizza Sauce... Hmmm delicious... My kid loves pasta/pizza... Who doesn't?? I used to buy organic pasta sauce until i tried this one.. After trying this, there is no going back to store bought.. Very flavourful ,with lots of vegetables make this the best sauce ever... This recipe is adapted from here


Olive oil                 - 1 tbsp
Onion (small)          - 1
Garlic                     - 2
Red Bell pepper    - 1/2
Carrot                  - 1 small
Celery                   - 1 Stalk
Tomatoes(medium)- 12 


1. Heat olive oil over a medium heat in sauce pan.
2. Saute onion & garlic till the onion turns slight brown.
3. Then add pepper,carrot and celery. Saute it for 5 mins until the vegetables turn soft.
4. Add the roughly chopped tomatoes to it and simmer it for 10 minutes.
5. Remove from heat and puree until smooth.
6.Return it to the sauce pan & simmer it for 30 minutes.
The delicious pasta sauce is ready.

This sauce can be kept in refrigerator upto a week & can be freezed upto 4 months.
Just add Salt & Italian seasoning while adding the sauce to Pasta.
* You can use  28 Oz canned tomatoes instead of fresh tomatoes.


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